The brand PEOPLE'SWALK, nicknamed P'SW, was born in France in October 2006. 'People'Swalk' is a contraction of the words 'people' and 'walk', and we imagined a term, the SWALKERS, referring to people who walk and therefore move forward, conscious of the environment and willing to act and protect our planet. P'SW has started 'swalking', encouraging manufacturers, companies and a number of people to work remembering that every decision should be environmentally responsible.

The Search for Materials

People'SWalk's concept was born from the search for raw materials that would enable us to produce shoes made from recycled components:

- The soles are made of gum from recycled tyres;
- The fabrics used for the upper of the shoe and the lining are made from recycled plastic bottles (PET) and recycled polyethylene terephthalate;
- The shoes are welded by vulcanization at high temperature.


Recycled materials

All the fabrics entirely come from recycled plastic bottles. 

Production methods

The shoes are welded by vulcanization in autoclave ovens, at a temperature higher than 90°C. They are assembled without glue. Water-based glues are used to laminate the fabrics.

Natural materials

The insoles and laces are made from natural hemp and the dyes are Organic.


The soles are injected from gum that we recycle from tyres.

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And the shoes I got in cooperation with People'Swalk I will present in the next post ;)

Szymon Satora

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